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Eric Nostrand - Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Ninja Night is this Friday night!!  From 6:30PM - 11PM we invite all of our students in the Kids, Juniors, and Teens classes and their friends to a night full of fun at the academy!  We will be serving food, playing games, having an Xbox tournament, and watching a movie.  Once again, it is open to everyone, so if you want to bring any friends, family members, or classmates, feel free to bring them along! Cost at the door is $15, hope to see you all there!
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 05:56 AM
Manchester united to white hart lane, baker will stay in Manchester
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Ferguson said: "you want to some players say 'I put you stay here not because you very well last week, you're great, but I want to send a different team.' that such players stay here it's difficult to make a decision. You need to find their conversation, over the past ten years, the team in the notice on the bulletin board has disappeared, replaced by a player running data. With the pace of the game more and more quickly, you need more time to think of the word choice team squad. I won't say they enjoy it, but should also is not difficult to accept."
Manchester united manager Sir Alex ferguson revealed his road to challenge the tottenham team selection headache, he needs some players privately to explain why he can not bring him to white hart lane to play. Robin van persie, Wayne rooney and sweet sichuan's company has been with the team to white hart lane, but the wheel to Liverpool's man of the match will baker is not in this to list.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 09:42 AM
O 'neal: yao didn't I strong, but it is all star start
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YaoMingCeng in 2005 and 2006 for two consecutive years was elected all-star votes to the king, o 'neal talked about all-star voting, said: "this is a political system, yao Ming had never I good, but he was voted to be from the start.
In addition, this season, Howard is averaging 17.8 points and 12.6 rebounds 2.6 cap, he became western starting center, shaq also said Howard shouldn't into this year's all-star.
The 2012-13 season's all-star voting results in at eight o 'clock this morning released on time, in the all-star game starting line-up was announced, shaq o 'neal for all-star voting system had their say.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 03:10 PM
The official news: getafe defender jose HuoFenHai Abraham's move
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The bundesliga club's HuoFenHai officially announced getafe defender David - Roman abramovich has Abraham (DavidAbraham) to join in, the Argentine defender and HuoFenHai's contract until June 2016. According to the Spanish media revealed that Roman abramovich has a fee for the transfer of Abraham in 400 w about the euro.
26 year old Roman abramovich has Abraham last may come to getafe, but this season he only nine times on behalf of the club. For the new signing HuoFenHai MarcoKurz's manager said: "David at this age, he has a lot of top league experience, the present we are important."
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 05:41 PM
Peak shakira when parents! The son call milan (or gamelan)?
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"We are very pleased to announce, Milan - peak - may Michael ballack (Milan Pique Mebarak) was born!" Shakira's official website published such a statement. The child birth weight is 3 kg, the mother and son well. They also confirmed will give son called "milan" (pronunciation gamelan closer to MY - LAN, stress on the first syllable), in Slavic favorite for dear, gifts and love, in the Roman favorite for enthusiasm and diligence, in Sanskrit means unity.
Barcelona players peak and Colombian singer shakira parents! Local time Tuesday night accounted worthy, two people's son in Barcelona Tekon clinic was born.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 07:32 PM
Pass: Liverpool goalkeeper ochoa to Mexico
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There are rumors that Liverpool will consciously Mexican goalkeeper ochoa (GuillermoOchoa).
If reina from Liverpool, this name is quite well received 27 goalkeeper is considered to be boss Rogers heart ideal alternative candidates. But friendship g shaw club denied that have received for the goalkeeper offer. But reina season at Liverpool poor performance, recently and former club Barcelona relates in together. Ochoa and French club contract is about to expire, reports that Liverpool will probably wait for the summer to make moves.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 07:58 PM
Official: Uruguay national loan Spanish midfielder albin
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Spanish club officials announced that the team at the age of 26 Uruguay midfielder Juan - albin (JuanAlbin) has been on loan to Uruguay serie a national team (ClubNacionaldeFootball), a charter to the end of the season, the nation has buyout option. Albin 2011 from getafe to move to Spain, the Spanish people played 13 games, into two goals. The Spaniard also announced that new signing Martin - defense gave away team will take over albin left 17 jersey.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 08:40 PM
Western media exposure valdes not renew or out of revenge and humiliation
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Meanwhile, the Catalan daily website published a report yesterday, including for valdes not renew the reasons for the guess. The report says the Barcelona goalkeeping coach WenSu elvis left, valdes mentioned a had played for real Madrid (according to "the world dello sport guess is Mr Giotto reina), and ask that person the goalkeeping coach, but Barcelona technical director SuBiSaLeiDa flatly rejected, and urged the valdes, and remind him of the club will be in 2013-2014 to sign a goalkeeper and the emergence of true competition. The quarrel laid the foundation of valdes decided to leave, and valdes announced not renew time was in Barcelona department secretary confirm everything goes very well after, this is what valdes simple and direct revenge and humiliation.
"World dello sport reported that in the valdes agent and father told Barcelona no longer contract, valdes did not explain it positive. On Saturday, valdes said will hold a press conference to explain he refused to sign a new contract with the club reasons, but in the end he decided to temporarily not to respond.
In order to alleviate many fans so produce anger, barca think valdes suitable to the public personally explain the reason of not renew. Differences of speech is produced, and only valdes explanation may change many don't understand why he would announce at this time not renew fans emotions.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 11:29 PM
The official news: pula, odd loan to join celta
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The Spanish celta club official announcement from Portuguese sporting Lisbon on loan for Croatia midfielder Daniel - pula, odd (Danijel Pranjic), a charter to the end of the season on loan, after the expiration of celta club has a right to buy. Celta club will be in local time Dan tonight at a news conference official let pula, odd appearance.
Born in 1981 pula, odd for the Croatian national team for many years, in Europe the league have enough experience.
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secflwa commented on 28-Jan-2013 11:55 PM
The best new actor award - go in time to come
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Often the all-star weekend, people began to discuss the annual rookie belongs. And we usually at the start of the season when he could almost know who is the best rookie, if there are injuries is bad to said. This season, the two talent to join the race, they must present a different position, the team also vary widely.
The New Orleans hornets Davis in data statistics and efficiency on the values are doing well, but the probability of teams in the playoffs is almost zero. The blazers Mr Rudd's performance in several playoff team edge appears very bright eye, even though the other performance is also quite good rookie, they still have no way with both in the rest of the squad, or play by the time limit, or itself performance is inferior to Davis and the rudd.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 01:10 AM
Cristiano ronaldo: in real feeling is very good, my contract is not important
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In the face of the boss jose mourinho's future, cristiano ronaldo said: "it depends on him and the club's situation, I think his work is suitable for such a top club. I think he will leave, but I don't know, everyone according to his own will to determine their own life."
Finally, cristiano ronaldo talks about his teammate pepe: "he's my friend, every day we have communication, and our topic is not limited to the club." For pepe surgery news, cristiano ronaldo said: "this topic make us feel some sad, but the players in the dressing room, and the fans are very harmonious atmosphere, we all get along very well, this shows the great real Madrid."
Real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo in the official press conference talked about in his real feeling: "I feel very good, I hope I can play better performance than last year. In fact I now I feel more love from the fans and the people are very good, I feel very happy, I hope can well back to them, and for real Madrid all contributions."
For real Madrid in the champions league last 16 opponents of Manchester united, cristiano ronaldo said: "I for Manchester united I have a very close feeling, people there I am very familiar with, I have many friends, and those who are in my heart. But now I represent real Madrid, so I have to win the game for the club, to contribute the best performance.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 07:34 AM
Marca: Kathy abandon the ball against wear socks inside and outside the superstition of habit
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"Marca" report, real Madrid captain iker casillas has always been a superstitious players, such as long sleeve shirt sleeves cut short, when his team scores points or touch beam... According to the stand or fall of things progress, real Madrid captain will replace change a lot of habit. Recently, Kathy abandoned a in the past four years the most frequent superstition habit, that is the ball inside and outside, in turn, wear socks. In the last 12 months with real Madrid malaga game after the bench, Kathy abandoned this habit, after that he started in the right way to wear shorts.
"Marca" say, Kathy according to a gypsy prison inmates opinion, in the 2008/09 season 2 0 home Barcelona beat real Madrid decided after the ball inside and outside, in turn, wear socks. Because boss jose mourinho a controversial decision, Kathy could not enter the real Madrid game against malaga 11 people starting lineup, after Kathy returned to wear shorts the right way. In the same malaga game this year after Kathy in four games to see this phenomenon.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 09:05 AM
Gil: king's cup in the dressing room after LuoMuShuai C quarrels
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"Ah, the newspaper reported that real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo and boss jose mourinho in the king's cup with valencia happened after a quarrel. The quarrel happened in the bernabeu in the dressing room, jose mourinho to cristiano ronaldo on the pitch are not satisfied, and cristiano ronaldo in the game for jose mourinho to his warning be bored.
"Behold, news pointed out that cristiano ronaldo did not understand mourinho told his attitude. Jose mourinho in the game corrected his four or five times, and shouted, let him help defense, including jose mourinho's assistant method and also many times in loud remind cristiano ronaldo, ask him to return back to participate in defense. Among them the 87th minute, cristiano ronaldo shot was the other goalkeeper plugging, jose mourinho complaining loudly about the cristiano ronaldo, because better choice should be the ball to higuain. However, cristiano ronaldo in the 45 minutes of defense had avoided each other's a goal.
According to the report, o "understanding, cristiano ronaldo and jose mourinho mutual hoot, quarrel is very fierce, and other real Madrid players also have witness. Cristiano ronaldo washes the bath to wear good clothes disagreeably first out of the dressing room. Use captain iker casillas in mixed zone interview, cristiano ronaldo went all the way to the garage.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 11:53 AM
Uruguay defender lugano on join malaga
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32 years old lugano is malaga after Chelsea player and loose skin after second signing of the Uruguayan to pursue more playing time give up in PSG part of salary, and ultimately to join malaga.
According to reports in Spain, Paris st germain and malaga club has been PSG defender lugano (DiegoLugano) loan agreement, which will be held tomorrow to malaga accept medical, lugano loan period until 30 June 2013 end. According to the "he newspaper learns, the loan contract does not include buyout clause, and because of lugano and didn't get into the champions league PSG application list, he will be qualified to represent malaga play champions league knockout.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 01:37 PM
SuBiSaLeiDa: to josep guardiola to bayern feel happy
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The former Barcelona coach josep guardiola will coaching bayern, it SuBiSaLeiDa Barcelona sporting director, said: "I feel happy, because I josep guardiola back to see him, and with a desire to have him. In football is very good. Better than la nova said before, football need josep guardiola." SuBiSaLeiDa think melon handsome destination "bayern Munich are a great club, can provide stable planning. I'm sure josep guardiola has measure all, I am happy for him, because he had found what he was looking for."
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 01:49 PM
Pass: queens park rangers to malouda
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The daily mail surprised the queens park rangers were willing to take Chelsea ruled out a first-team squad French winger florent malouda. 32 years old malouda and Chelsea contract with half a year, is currently with Chelsea youth training together. Harry redknapp to receive him but the prerequisite is that the French must be saved, in addition, will be the first to QPR on Monday confirmed that Ryan's willingness to join aston villa midfielder, who were also kazan ruby and zenit st. Petersburg chase.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 06:46 PM
The public spread team difficult belt, palmer degree fire eyebrows
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And Newcastle striker Neil - LanJie push the hair, complain that the club fans home defeat by a cheer: "some fans had better not to the stadium, please stay at home boo good yao. In addition, for all the fans say 1, you are not forced to buy season tickets. And did not pay our wages. Please remember this. And one said, we need the fans and we do no."
"We also discussed after the game, to be wise after the event once, midway in dismount, walter is really a mistake."
The team's best striker, - and to the Chelsea captain KeLuoJiNi this season is difficult to suit the, Ben alpha make a summer, but worse, morale spot and fans and players in Saturday's loss to the reading, kappa and gorgeous free kick is waste, waste opportunity countless magpie and at the end of the list of the three brothers more closely together. Although Alan pardew were may with last year's as accept a eight older about, but in Newcastle operation status of big background, which coaches sit no safe. "The team is now very difficult, but I'm not too overwhelmed, if we only 7 games, that I may be more worried some. We lost to a ranking than we rely on the team, it let us feel the pressure is very big, I must do something, I'll try to do: from the beginning, I should be strong, to ensure that my players can also pull yourself together."
Since 2009, after the team great situation decline stage, Newcastle fans probably already used to disappointment. This is because the Newcastle usually shame-awareness then yong. However, they have tasted the taste of success, but never the digestion. They have three times into the champions league, the achievement than Manchester city, tottenham and everton and well. They two fa cup finals two harvest second prize in the last season, they finally league ranking fifth, but in the last one they could have caught the champions league matchday tickets. Now eight months passed, and Newcastle in the bottom fifth, in the past and games, won only two games.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 07:55 PM
Leonardo: cristiano ronaldo to Paris? Not impossible ah
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Paris saint germain football director leonardo recently in an interview with the football magazine "talked about to sign real Madrid star cristiano ronaldo trade:" PSG have been strongly linked became that can make everything become possible club. Cristiano ronaldo and real Madrid have long about, you can't over real Madrid to do some things. The moment without any special things happening, we did not contact with cristiano ronaldo in the world. There are four to five teams have strength to sign cristiano ronaldo, and PSG is one of them."
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 08:59 PM
Cristiano ronaldo on all cylinders, New Year four games has scored seven goals
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"Marca" writing, although real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo open in 2013 years experience the golden globe loss caused by the fast, but he'll score but has been greatly improve. In January 2013, up to now, cristiano ronaldo has scored seven goals, respectively is against real sociedad's brace, the king's cup when against celta hat-trick and valencia again brace. Cristiano ronaldo in the king's cup only with valencia game not harvest goal, in addition, real Madrid 7 suspended because for real Madrid against osasuna, and this game is real Madrid in the New Year the first failed to win.
Cristiano ronaldo in this season's 30 games has scored 30 goals, and maintain the averaging 1 ball high efficiency, its field goals are more than di - stefano, staples karsh and real Madrid legend. Last season, cristiano ronaldo was in 55 games in a total score sixty ball.
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secflwa commented on 29-Jan-2013 11:21 PM
Small white: would miss valdes, defeat to Barcelona alarming
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According to teammates valdes no longer and Barcelona contract decision, iniesta told a press conference: "we are not talking about just a player, we are talking about a here for twenty years, and for this club and his teammates dedicated all player, his investment is two hundred percent. As for me, I don't want to lose him, because he is the best goalkeeper in the world, when he left I'll miss him. I respect his decision, because everyone is the master of his life, I support him."
The last round the Spanish league royal society 3-2 win over Barcelona, for the team's defeat, iniesta said: "this for all of us was a wake-up call, all people are not easy. Defeat will never good, when we say that all people are not easy, this is not cliche, this is the reality of football."
About the coach bela nova in the United States for treatment and miss command Barcelona game, iniesta said: "we hope Tito can quietly did what he had to do, he should be fully believe that the team will continue to forward to pay all."
For josep guardiola will become bayern's new boss, iniesta said: "bayern is one of the biggest clubs in Europe. I think any of his a choice is correct. Any team he will get a huge boost to bayern Munich and. The entire football world, this is a good news."
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secflwa commented on 30-Jan-2013 03:26 AM
500000 euros! Lafayette down heavily reward players for the champions league title
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See straight league hopeless, the club would have to report to the champions league with hope, it is want to motivate his players with all my heart and lifted the trophy. But the bianconeri last champions league trip to dating back 2002 years, this time they have to wait long?
For this season's poor performance, in order to the team can get good grades to make the fans satisfied, management is take great pains. The "champion bonus and rising greatly, last season, the club to the players promised if you win the champions league, everyone will get a bonus of 360000 euros, winning the league is 300000 euros per person.
500000 euros! If real Madrid in the champions league title this season, it will be issued for each player club purchased bonus.
Yesterday a perez real Madrid President and general manager jose angel - sanchez in and captain iker casillas and vice captain ramos said club dinner for the champions league title enacted a new incentive system.
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secflwa commented on 30-Jan-2013 06:22 AM
Marca: real Madrid for kaka price 25 million euros
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"Marca" report, real Madrid player kaka hope in the January transfer window to leave, and boss jose mourinho to move not against, the two factors in theory for the transfer of kaka provides a convenient. However, based on real Madrid to kaka's price - 25 million euros, kaka will continue to transfer soap operas. Although if kaka agreed to leave, real Madrid said will open the door for him, but truth is real Madrid for a high transfer fee.
According to "marca" content says, real Madrid last week rejected the Los Angeles galaxy offer, reason is the Los Angeles galaxy is not willing to provide for 25 million euros. Kaka for himself in the real situation is not happy, ready to accept the offer, but real Madrid slammed the door shut. Last summer when trying to sign kaka for Los Angeles galaxy real Madrid refused to back and quotation, real Madrid said: "kaka fee of 25 million euros". The Los Angeles galaxy answer is: "in the United States the major league soccer career don't pay this price, so we quit."
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secflwa commented on 30-Jan-2013 08:33 AM
Every body: abidal February first half return will receive medical license
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The daily dello sport reported that Barcelona player abidal is received can return medical license. Abidal of the surgeon Garcia Valdecasas confirmed that abidal will on February first half get medical license, the doctor says: "abidal hoping to play, now only depends on Barcelona view, rather than health. Abidal attitude is the key to his recovery, he has a admirable attitude. Abidal and beera nova example helped many other patients, this for those who struggle against disease is very positive."
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secflwa commented on 30-Jan-2013 09:01 AM
Di canio: victory to those who volunteer clear the snow of the enthusiastic fans
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He added: "this game is our fa cup defeat to Max from anfield performance after the worst a, a half, I told the players you have to tomorrow morning to five o 'clock, training, and then they have some progress."
After the game, swinton less "2 games to 49 separate table 3, but they may because into financial regulation and be deducted ten points.
. Last Friday night, swinton boss Paul - di canio and 200 fans to sweep the snow in the middle of the second day to ensure that the game can be carried out smoothly. Italian point many pizza gift volunteers, and the fourth consecutive home with a victory to give their inspiration.
"To see the children with their parents together in the cold night for us, really exciting, I thank you for their kind act." Swinton boss di canio said, "those fans for all we do is really not general, but this show all emotions. They hope to see game and we need to win the game. In fact, our victory is to them."
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secflwa commented on 30-Jan-2013 10:04 AM
Steven gerrard: hope to see play after sneijder was signed put on red shirt
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Liverpool captain Steven gerrard, said he hoped the inter midfielder can play after sneijder was signed with him in anfield fight side by side.
At the same time, however, the Dutch international has already close to joining Turkish giants galatasaray. Inter milan President massimo moratti said: "he close to joining galatasaray? Yes, I think so." And when asked if the team other potential signing, gerrard said: "maybe we need to add a bit of defence. In addition, perhaps a 10 players or can play wide on the attacking player is needed, and I think that as we strive for the first four league power."
Although the Dutchman's salary is a big number, but gerrard said he is very suitable for Liverpool. He said: "he is a top player, we see him in the tournament in performance is so. He's in the European champions league has good play also has lasted many years. But we must take account of his wages, the player's income I think quite rich. He will have all kinds of choice, I'm sure. But I really want to see he wears the red shirt, I think he will be the club a very good player."
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secflwa commented on 30-Jan-2013 01:45 PM
PSG top: no contact cristiano ronaldo, but he could come
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For Barcelona forward Lionel messi, leonardo answer some more firm, he said: "messi will never be able to leave Barcelona."
Leonardo said: "PSG became a makes all things possible team. Cristiano ronaldo and real Madrid and contract, we haven't had any contact with him. But now if we talked about a player like him if you want to leave real Madrid, there are 4, 5 clubs might be his next stop goal, PSG also among them."
Jose mourinho is it possible to PSG? Leonardo said: "I don't think jose mourinho will leave real Madrid."
PSG sporting director leonardo sure that have no contact with real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo, but he pointed out that if cristiano ronaldo will move by the end of the season, "everything is possible".
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